I truly and wholeheartedly believe in the power of this medicine in healing dis-ease from the root as opposed to covering up symptoms. I initially was exposed to acupuncture by a friend who was studying Chinese Medicine in San Diego. I sought her advice, knowledge and care to begin addressing my migraine headaches and allergies, problems I had suffered from since childhood, and had had no luck treating with Western medicine. Not only did my health improve, but I also became fascinated with Chinese Medicine. All of the sudden, I felt that I had found something that had resonated so deeply within me that I knew it was what I wanted to study.

I began looking into Master’s programs and within a few months, I began my journey at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA. I graduated four years later Summa Cum Laude with a Masters in traditional Oriental Medicine. I became licensed by the state of California Acupuncture Board and began my practice in a beautiful location in Santa Monica. I am currently in pursuit of my Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Emperor’s College, and will have my DAOM degree October 2013, with emphasis in Auricular Therapy, Cardiology, Sport’s Medicine, Orthopedics, Immunology, Oncology, Gynecology and Stroke Rehabilitation.

I practice holistic and integrative medicine that integrates aspects of western medicine such as lab-work and scans in my diagnosis; however, I treat using gentle and effective techniques that are ultimately rooted in traditional Oriental medicine practice. With every treatment and every patient my goal is to return the body to a state of balance and activate its self-healing abilities.