Prenatal / Postnatal

Prenatal Acupuncture
Acupuncture has been shown to be beneficial during all stages of pregnancy from pre-conception to the postpartum period.

Preconception Care
Acupuncture and herbs can help balance hormones, regulate cycles and improve blood circulation to the ovaries and uterus which can improve both egg quality and uterine lining. If you are considering trying to conceive, it is helpful to begin acupuncture treatments several months before to prepare the body to be receptive to pregnancy.

Fertility Support
If you are undergoing fertility treatments acupuncture has been shown to support the process and improve outcomes of these treatments as well as help patients handle the emotional ups and downs that accompany the fertility journey.

Pregnancy Care
Acupuncture is a safe and gentle therapy that can help ease symptoms and discomfort during each stage of pregnancy. It is commonly used during pregnancy for morning sickness, back and pelvic pain, headaches, leg cramping and swelling, constipation, poor sleep, depression and anxiety and many other conditions that arise as the body changes. Acupuncturists use moxibustion to help increase fetal movement and turn breech babies. Additionally, once the baby is full term, acupuncture is frequently used to help prepare and ease the body into labor naturally without need for medical inductions.

Postpartum Care
Acupuncture is invaluable treatment for women during the postpartum period. It is used to help new mothers recover from the physical trauma of pregnancy and labor, to support fragile emotions, and relieve stress, improve mood, and it can even increase milk supply. Research shows that women who receive acupuncture during pregnancy and in the postpartum phase experience less postpartum depression and anxiety.