Cupping is a technique that involves the use of glass cups that are placed over the skin with suction. The suction from the cups pull up gently on the skin and pulls fresh, oxygen and nutrient rich blood through the muscle and fascia layers to the superficial layers of the body. Often times aromatic oils or healing herbal linaments are massaged into the skin prior to cupping, in order to improve the blood moving aspect of the treatment and allow the cups to glide over areas of tension that accumulate over the neck and shoulders or paraspinal muscles and back. Not only does cupping promote the healthy flow of blood and qi, to both muscles and underlying organs, but it is also used to treat upper respiratory conditions by improving blood and lymph flow and activating the immune system.

After cupping it is normal to experience some soreness and bruising which is temporary. Most people find this treatment to be incredibly relaxing and enjoyable as well as therapeutic. It is also highly recommended to drink plenty of water after cupping to help move the blood and other fluids through the area affected and flush out toxins that are released during treatment. Other detoxifying activities such as Epsom salt baths or dry brushing can aid the body as it eliminates toxins post-treatment.